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  Wern Valley Sportsmens Club, Upland Hunting, Sporting Clays Shooting located in Wisconsin   Home Contact Directions Site Map
Wern Valley Sportsmens Club, Upland Hunting, Sporting Clays Shooting located in Wisconsin  
Wern Valley Sportsmens Club, Upland Hunting, Sporting Clays Shooting located in Wisconsin

NEWSLETTER • December - January, 2010

“Our 25th Season”

Dec. 19, Saturday - Club Tower Shoot and Hunt - Openings Available!
Dec. 24, Thursday - Club closes at Noon
Dec. 25, Friday - Christmas – Club and grounds closed
Dec. 26 – 30 - Triple shift, 3 hunt periods (8 am, 11 am & 2 pm)
Dec. 31, Thursday – New Years Eve – Club closes at noon
Jan. 1, Friday- New Years Day- Club closed
Jan 2, Saturday- Youth Hunt Day
Jan 9, Saturday- Club Tower Shoot and Hunt

Happy Holidays!

Wern Valley Gift Certificates Available! Any Amount.
Save $30 on a 10 Round VIP Sporting Clays Pass – only $150
Smoked Pheasant, Pot Pies, Snack Stix and Brats too!

Partridge Special
10 birds- New “French” Chukars or Huns - $130

Weekday Pheasant Special
10 Birds 50/50 - $150

For hunting reservations please contact:
or call us at 262-968-2400

Openings Still Available for Tower Shoot!

The next scheduled tower shoot will be this Saturday, December 19th at 1 pm. The shoot and following walk up hunt includes lunch, all bird cleaning, all birds retrieved, and 10 birds released per gun. (Two guns per blind -14 blinds maximum) Cost is $150 per gun. The walk up hunt is not mandatory and is for those who want to hunt up the missed birds with their own dogs. These events are becoming more and more popular every year. 4 to 6 boxes of ammo are recommended and please no shot larger than #5’s! Note: private/group tower shoots can also be booked. To sign up or for more information please call the Club.

Holiday Hunt Dates – Reserve Now!

Triple shifting during the holidays has been a Club tradition for many years that allows members greater access to fields when friends and family are around to hunt. Hunts start at 8am, 11am and 2pm. Reserve now!

Flight Pens Bend, but Don’t Break

Maintaining quality habitat is time consuming and expensive. It’s too bad the weather has been so uncooperative in recent years. For the third straight year in a row, December weather is raising havoc with hunters and the Club. Almost a foot of heavy wet snow damaged trees, flight pens and hunting cover last week. Having had plenty of experience the last two years, the Club was ready this time around.

A similar storm that flattened most of the Club’s flight pens two years ago resulted in new stronger netting being installed on most of the Club’s pens. That investment paid off as most of the pens bent but didn’t break under the weight of all the snow. Record snow fall last December made snow removal a real headache, so the Club was better prepared for it this time around as well. Drifting hasn’t been nearly as bad as last year.

For the time being, cover will be at a premium as the Club waits for switch grass fields to bounce back. Unlike most grassy vegetation, switch grass has the amazing ability to stand back up once things thaw out. A few more warm days would do wonders. In the meanwhile, the Club will advise members as best it can on field conditions on a reservation by reservation basis.

French Partridge

Chukar Partridge that wear speckles rather than crests on their chests (known as French Red Leg) are now available at Wern Valley. Wild as can be, these birds were recently imported to the U.S. The Club has several hundred “French” and Hungarian Partridge available for hunting over the holidays. Try just a few or take advantage of the Holiday Partridge Special, 10 birds (your choice) for $130 plus tax. Huns, also known as Grey Partridge, used to be found in good numbers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. The last flock of “wild” Huns was flushed back in 1983 in almost the exact same spot now occupied by the Clubhouse! Partridge have a strong instinct to covey, so multiple birds in one flush is not uncommon.

Great Turnout for Hearing

The Club would like to thank everyone who turned out for the public hearing on the proposed changes to the Club’s conditional use permit. Very few neighbors turned out in opposition as the Club is looking for greater flexibility in how it operates. The Town (Genesee) decided to hold over the hearing until it meets again in January, but one couldn’t help but think the hearing was a step in the right direction for the Club. There were over 100 “conditions” addressed at the hearing. More than 25 Club members attended. Club members John Fryatt and Larry Winkelhake were especially helpful with their testimony. Thanks again to all!

First Card Night- January 26th

The Club will begin holding a monthly card night and social on the 4th Wednesday of every month starting in January. Several members have volunteered to serve as “dealers” and bartenders. Guests are welcome and there is no charge.

Deer Numbers Going Down

You don’t have to look far to find holes in Wisconsin’s deer herd- all the wrong kind. Maybe its just bad luck, but the Club has never heard more hunters say they left the woods- and saw nothing. As in zip, zero, notta. Wern Valley registered 57 deer during the gun season, down over 100 from the last few years! Many hunters are fed up, and it wasn’t the weather, the fog, the moon, sun spots or global warming to blame.

Our DNR is currently being run by liberals who don’t care about the sportsmen. Write or call your legislators and let them know- enough is enough!

Puppies for Sale

Doug Kennedy has a litter of black lab pups due to be born any day out of hunting – hunt test stock. Call Doug at 262.544.1938 if interested. Also, from the clubhouse bulletin board there are Springer Spaniels- call Scott at 262.391.3042, some Lab/English pointer mix pups- call Lamon at 262.367.1939, or pointing lab pups- call Steve at 920.566.4984.

Tom Williams and Jerry Honeyager have plenty of room in the kennel at Wern Valley for members interested in boarding over the holidays. Call Tom at 262.501.0407.

Supporting the Waukesha County Conservation Alliance

The 49th Annual Waukesha County Conservation Alliance Banquet is Friday, February 5th at Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc. Advance purchase dinner tickets are $40 per person and include eligibility for door prizes. There will be a couple tables reserved for Wern Valley members, to reserve a spot please call the Club. The banquet is always a lot of fun and raises funds for grass root conservation needs in Waukesha County. Doors open at 5:30 pm for social hour/cash bar and early money raffle, dinner is at 7pm. For more information call Ken Zettelmeier at 262.547.2802.

Youth Hunt Day

A special youth hunt date has been set for Saturday, January 2nd. This event is always enjoyed by a lot of young hunters and is a great opportunity to get youth involved in the outdoors. The 5-Stand Sporting Clays Range will be available at no charge to all youth age 12-17 from noon to 1:00 pm along with pizza for lunch. To reserve a hunt for the afternoon shift that day, you should have at least one youth in your hunting party and you do not have to add birds to the minimum release per gun as there is no minimum release required by the club for youth.

Happy Holidays

Thank you to everyone for making 2009 another tremendous year. The Club is very blessed to have so much support for all of our endeavors. Hope your holidays are filled with cheer and here’s hoping 2010 is another great year!



S36 W29657 Wern Way • Waukesha, WI 53189 • Ph: 262.968.2400 • Fax: 262-968-3455 •