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One of the most important aspects of upland hunting is a good gun dog. If you do not have your own hunting companion, experienced dogs are available with handlers upon request for your half-day hunt. Pointers or flushers can be requested per your preference. Please reserve handlers in advance.


All roadways are woven wire fenced to help provide hunters and dogs with a safe environment. Water in the form of ponds, drainage ditches or wetlands is available in almost all hunting areas.


Training is available by local reputable trainers, please contact the Club to get their contact information.


The Club also hosts a heartworm clinic in the spring that many members take advantage of every year; this is also open to the public.


For many members, their dog is the number one reason for joining the Club!

Dog & Handler Rate: $100/half day hunt (+ gratuity)

Special Amenities

We offer full-time personalized service 6 days a week! Fields are available per request whenever possible. There is no charge for bringing guests or for extra birds harvested above release.


Scratch hunting is allowed per club rules. Dog washing and bird cleaning areas are available at no charge as well as locker space on a limited basis.


If you wish, we will exchange your birds for pre-cleaned, skinned whole frozen birds for $3.50 per bird or breast packs for $7.00. We also sell other food items such as pheasant pot pies, smoked pheasants, pheasant snack sticks, pheasant brats and pheasant chili for an additional charge (while supplies last).


On-the-spot account status, gun repairs, loaner guns, game vests as well as numerous other hunter and shooter amenities are also available.

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