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Upland Hunting

Wern Valley invites you to become a part of Wisconsin’s finest upland game hunting preserve. It is a great opportunity to carry on or start a family tradition of hunting and outdoor activities.


Hunting Season runs from October 1 to April 15 and Ringneck Pheasants, Chukar, and Black Pheasants are available for release.

Our Fields

  • We have over 600 contiguous acres of diverse, quality managed land with a variety of hunting areas.

  • There are 11 designated hunting areas
    located on site.

  • Our hunting areas are big, roomy and varied, with most being 40-100 acres.

  • Up to 4 guns are allowed in the field, special arrangements can be made to accommodate
    more guns when reservations are made.

  • The minimum release from October 1 to April 14 is 3 birds per gun always, on weekends there is a 6 bird plant minimum.

Guests are welcome at no additional fee. As always, it is the responsibility of all group members to stay out of the way of shot fall and 50% blaze orange is required for all shooters and spectators. No hunting license is required to hunt on our private game farm! 


Please see our membership page to become a member and for more information.

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