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Club Hunting Rules

Consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to hunting or shooting is not permitted. Failure to follow this rule will result is revocation of membership without refund!


• Hunters must wear blaze orange as well as eye protection at all times while hunting.

• No ammo larger than #5 shot allowed. Members are encouraged to use non-toxic shot.

• Hunters must stay within their assigned areas.

• State laws apply to hunting along and shooting across roadways. It is illegal to hunt or discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the center of the road or to shoot across roadways.

• Members must check in at the clubhouse before and after hunting.

• No more than 4 guns per group.

• Hunters must be of legal age.

• Please pick up empty brass, litter, and exercise care in smoking.

• All hunting is by reservation and should be reserved 24 hours in advance.

• Members are responsible for knowing area boundaries and reminding guests of basic hunter safety rules.

• Cancellations due to bad weather must be placed no later than one hour prior to your scheduled starting time. Failure to show if not weather weather-related will result in your account being deducted for the number of birds requested or the minimum as required per hunt.

• No shooting prior to 8am or later than 5pm.

• There are no additional charges for harvesting more birds than released.

• All birds under contract must be released by March 31st of the current year.

• The club and grounds will be closed on Mondays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, and Easter.

• No shooting is permitted on Sundays or Mondays during the summer months. No shooting is permitted in conjunction with dog training activities after dusk.

• Members may use the club grounds for fishing, dog training or shooting at the rifle/pistol range, but must call for permission from staff or register in the log book at the front door of the clubhouse prior to commencing activities. Please be considerate of any special events, sporting clays, or other activities that may be taking place at that time.

• Parking is restricted to designated areas only. Do not leave gravel roads or parking areas. Golf carts and ATV’s are permitted ONLY on the sporting clays course paths.

• Memberships are subject to revocation without refund for violation of club rules, poor sportsmanship, or misconduct as determined by club management.

• Members and guests agree to hold harmless Wern Valley Sportsmens Club from liability, bodily injury or property damage


Rules are subject to change as conditions require, including changes as a result of avian influenza or other diseases.

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