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Rifle Range

Wern Valley's Rifle Range is Closed! - Please visit McMiller Sports Center, located in Eagle


Rifle and Pistol Range

The use of the rifle and pistol range is free to use for Club Members. Range is open to the public for the 21 days prior to the gun deer season at the Club’s discretion.

Wern Valley’s rifle and pistol facility is a legally designated range. The range features shooting benches, rests and sand bags and offers covered and uncovered shooting stations with 50 - 100 range yardage. THINK GUN SAFETY!


Target carriers, targets, tape, ear plugs, shotgun patterning paper and turkey targets are available. NO GLASS allowed. The range may be closed during sporting clays hours and on Sundays during summer months.


You MUST call ahead to use the range.

Sorry, no machine guns allowed.

Gun Deer Sight In: Open Nov 1st- Nov 19th

(Closed on Mondays!)

9am-3pm                             $15/Person


Additional Local Ranges

Open to the Public!

McMiller Sports Center in Eagle, WI is open to the public and currently operated by Wern Valley Outdoors. McMiller features year-round rifle and pistol shooting, as well as sporting clays.

The outdoor ranges are open seasonally year round. All shooting benches are covered for shooter protection and all ranges are baffled. Every shooting bench comes equipped with a shooting rest, a screen for stopping expended brass, and a target number corresponding to individual target points. Each range has Range Safety Officers present at all times to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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