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Dove Hunting

For the first time, we have planted 12 acres of sunflowers on the property to attract doves and will allow members the opportunity to hunt doves in the sunflower fields. Dove hunting is for members only – an added benefit to your membership package! 

Due to high demand, reservations will be based on a lottery system, so contact us as soon as possible to add your name to the lottery if you are interested in joining us for Dove Season!

  • Hunting will take place between 12PM and 5PM three days a week throughout the season and the upcoming week’s schedule will be determined through the lottery one week in advance.

  • All state and federal licenses will be required to hunt doves on the property and you must adhere to all state and federal regulations.

  • Specified blind locations will be
    predetermined and you will be required to hunt in set location for safety reasons.

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